Katherine Auguston

Creative Director

About Me

I am a writer and Creative Director working in New York. So I’m wordy and run on caffeine — a combo that sometimes gets me into trouble, but also helps me run away really fast.

Currently, I’m at Carrot Creative (a Vice Media Company), helping CD the Clinique, Tresemme, and Netflix accounts. I’ve worked in both traditional and digital agencies, and my work has received nods from The Art Directors Club, The One Show, The Shorty Awards, The Webby’s, Google Creative Sandbox, and the FWA.

I believe that honesty is a gift and the best creative departments thrive because of it. I'm obsessed with dogs. I read vocraciously. A former CD once called me “The Butcher” for my love of cutting copy. I like that. Makes me sound dangerous.

Netflix: The OA

A social campaign as mind-bending as the show itself — launched with no lead up, no hype, and no indication of what was to come.

For the debut season of Netflix’s original series The OA, we took over Netflix’s Instagram stories to share one of its most terrifying moments. Then, we unlocked a highly-curated, beautifully-designed Instagram feed, one vignette at a time.

Video assets brought some of the show’s chilling moments to life, while audio clips brought the atmospheric drama of the show into the user’s hands. The social campaign included puzzles, messages, easter eggs, and hidden clues about the story — all working in tandem to create an identity and voice that transcended the world of the show.

Visa Everywhere Cam

Get closer to the athletes with a virtual reality experience that puts you right in their shoes. And skates. And ski boots.

Visa, the official worldwide sponsor of the Olympic Games, briefed us to create an mobile-first experience that inspires fans to cheer for their favorite athletes — and launch their new brand positioning "Everywhere you want to be." We made the Everywhere Cam, an app that works with the device’s gyroscope to navigate 360° first-person video content of the athletes doing what they do best.

The Everywhere Cam was shortlisted for three Cannes Lions, featured on the iTunes app store, and received nods from the Shorty Awards, FWA Mobile Site of the Day, Google Creative Sandbox, and Contagious Magazine.

Clinique: Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops

Learn how to turn your moisturizer into a BB, CC, or full-coverage foundation. Like Magic.

When Clinique tasked us to create a campaign for the launch of their new Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops, we created a suite of social and digital assets that showcased the customizable, buildable makeup from the prestige makeup brand. Here are a few of our favorites.

Visa “Nailed It”

In all winning Olympic performances, there’s a moment when the athlete knows — before anyone else — that they've achieved greatness.

 This spot was part of Visa’s rebranding and launch campaign during the Sochi Winter Olympics for their new positioning, “Everywhere you want to be.”

AKG #BuiltToInspire

Music is an instrument for the imagination.

AKG professional audio equipment delivers pure sound and creative inspiration. To support the launch of their tech-forward N90Q headphones, we created an Instagram docu-series that profiles 5 musicians on their quest for the holy grail — a lightening bolt of artistry. Here a taste of the campaign, featuring Cuban jazz pianist Alfredo Rodriguez and Australian pop singer Grace Sewell.

Vanguard / NY Times

See where you stand when it comes to retirement savings with a New York Times-branded content experience.

Vanguard wants everyone to start saving for retirement, right now, or suffer the procrastination penalty — losing out on compounded savings because you’ve waited to long to invest in an IRA. We partnered with the New York Times to create interactive branded content and data visualization that shows the procrastination penalty in action. The personalized illustrations show where you stack up against your peers when it comes to retirement savings.

Harman Kardon #MusicLife

Great Sound. Better Vibes. It’s the Harman Kardon Wireless home speaker system

#MusicLife is a social campaign for Harman Kardon’s wireless home speakers that pairs great music with food, travel, design, and style. We partnered with Vine Influencer Megan Cignoli to create a series of Vines to promote the speakers. Here are a few of our favorites.

jBL Portable Speakers #Summerproof

Waves, pools, or the unexpected drizzle won’t stop the music.

JBL Portable Speakers are water resistant and built to survive any splash. So when JBL asked us to create a summer social campaign that promoted the Clip+ and Charge 2+, we mixed pop culture, extreme sports and girls in bikinis to create #Summerproof.    A series of static social assets put the speakers into popular movies like Jaws, Splash, and the Blue Lagoon. Pro Surfer Nage Melamed hit her surfboard with the speakers, and posted videos and giveaways. And we launched the “North-East Sessions” video series featuring the XPogo Crew - a group of pogoing adventure athletes - as they embarked on a summer road trip.

The Ad Council

It’s a contest that might change your life, but only if you survive the interview. Meet the Big Ad Gig.

The Big Ad Gig is an advertising week even led by the Ad Council.  It’s an annual competition for copywriters and art directors looking for their big break. To apply, participants were given 60 seconds for a webcam interview. No do overs. No second chances. The Big Ad Gig won two W3 Gold Awards, was a Caples finalist, and Webby Award Nominee.